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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning 2010

Last year I took this cute notebook and devised a pretty intense Spring Cleaning plan.  I learned about it at Sarah's blog - one of my very favorites to read each week. 
The idea is to take a cute notebook and make a separate page for every room and closet in your home.  I also did this for all of our outdoor areas, porches, decks.  Then you walk through each room and make a list of everything that needs to be done in that room and write it on the page - shelves repaired, carpets cleaned, light fixtures replaced, a good dusting, baseboards wiped down...

My organized, list-making self LOVED the idea.  Any excuse to buy a cute notebook, right?  I got busy right away and starting tackling one room or closet at a time.  Did I get everything done in the past year?  Absolutely not!  But I was surprised at how much we did get done over the course of the year.

This year I wanted to do this again.  It'll probably become an annual practice.  I tore out 2009's pages and had plenty leftover for 2010.  My new pages are all ready to go.  I was surprised how much shorter this year's lists are compared to last year.  We really got a lot taken care of last year with this "system".

I'm going to wait until after Spring Break and my last day of work before I go to town on the house this year.

It's pretty sad what I look forward to isn't it?  But I love, love, love to get organized, weed out, and cross things off lists!

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Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

Hey Bonnie,

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!! I like the notebook idea. I also really like Sarah's blog.


It's funny to know another Bonnie, isn't it?