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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Long Way Round

David and I finished this documentary over the weekend and we highly recommend it!  Ewan MacGregor ("Star Wars" movies, "Moulin Rouge", "Emma") and best friend Charley Boorman are the leads.  They ride motorcycles from London to New York - going east! 

They travel 20,000 miles and only fly/travel by train when absolutely impossible to ride.  It's amazing what all they encounter.  We'd love to let our boys watch it - the cultures and the people are incredible.  But the language is pretty "real" so they'll have to watch it when they're older.

It's a fascinating series.  We watched their second documentary "Long Way Down" before the holidays.  In that one they rode motorcycles from Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa.  They're both great series!

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