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Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

39??  It sounds like a made-up age, doesn't it? 

It's been a really great birthday.  I'm looking forward to going out as a family tonight to celebrate.

I had a ton of fun at Chick Flick Movie Club yesterday ("An Education"), Girls' Superbowl Party last night, and lunch with a friend today (in addition to a beautiful card and roses).  It just doesn't get better!

While 39 could a scary birthday (let's not think about 2/8/11 OK?),
I can easily come up with at least 39 things I am grateful for and love.

39.  Family - his, mine, and ours
38.  My 2 grandmothers
37.  That my boys have 4 grandparents who love spending time with them
36.  A husband who puts his family first
35.  The option to stay home with my boys instead of working right now
34.  Girls Nights
33.  A car that always starts up and takes us to visit family and on adventures
32.  The weeping cherry tree in our front yard
31.  Mexico memories
30.  Our piano
29.  Sons who are good friends and have happy attitudes
28.  Unconditional love
27.  My iPod
26.  TiVo
25.  Netflix
24.  My new cell phone
23.  Diet Dr. Pepper - don't lecture me please :)
22.  Blog friends
21.  Fresh cut flowers
20.  Watching a movie or funny tv show with David
19.  Birthday cake
18.  Exercise friends
17.  Homemade birthday cards
16.  Snow days
15.  Summer break
14.  Romantic comedies
13.  My sister
12.  amazon.com
11.  Google Reader
10.  Pedicures
9.  Surprises
8.  Date night
7.  Tennis
6.  Hour-long phone calls with far-away friends
5.  SEC football
4.  The mail
3.  Homemade macaroni and cheese
2.  Traveling
1.  The knowledge that no matter how many mistakes I make, I'll always be forgiven.

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