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Saturday, February 13, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Floating Museum


When we decided to spend Memorial Day weekend 2008 in Chicago, David was "U"ber excited.  Probably his very favorite museum in the world is Chicago's Science and Industry Museum.  Those who know and love me - does this sound like it's up my alley? 

Anyway, we had been there before and it was fun, but we know it would be even better with the boys.  ESPECIALLY because they had a German U-boat on display.

Sorry for the blurry photos.  It was quite dark in this portion of the museum.  You can see the U-boat on the left.  We got to tour it and it really was impressive.  Hard to believe so many people lived in it!

There's a better picture.  We got there early (at David's insistance) and we were able to tour without the crowds.  It was great.

The display area had some cool exhibits and video games which Thomas and Brennan especially enjoyed.  Here they're working with air pressure to keep the submarine level.

A similar game here but it was much harder.  I could not get it right.  Thomas is having fewer issues!

From the Book:
#70 - A Floating Museum
Since three-quarters of the Earth's surface is water, it's not surprising that ships have played such an important part in history.  Viking ships, merchant vessels, and naval brigs or aircraft carriers spent months, sometimes years, at sea before making their final journeys back to port.  Now that their voyages are over, and they're docked, you can climb on board and check them out.  See the captain's quarters of a merchant ship, walk on an aircraft carrier's runway, and check out the control and engine rooms.  It's your chance to experience life at sea without having to eat hard-tack or getting scurvy.


Paula said...

Looks like a fun trip! Mr. SP's dad talks about going to that museum as a child. Mr. SP grew up going there, too. The one thing that I remember from it is the display with the human body cut into cross sections. Did you see that? I'll admit that I skipped the German U boat and let Mr. SP do that alone when we visited.

Anna said...

I need to find a copy of this book, my kids would really enjoy all these activities too. Thanks for sharing!