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Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day Thoughts

We're having our 6th snow day of the year today.  I love it, but I dread the end of May when the school year has been extended!

Brennan wrote a thank you note to the author Theoni Pappas for the birthday package she sent him.  I loved his note.  There is a Sigma sign in the heart.  When I asked what that was about he said,
"you know, two mathematicians, keeping in touch with each other.  it's our sign."

Yesterday I gave Daddy the day off (Happy Valentine's Day!) and I took the boys out for the afternoon.  We went to Wonderlab in Bloomington where the boys had a ton of fun.

My favorite Rube-Goldberg contraption.  I could watch this thing for hours.

Thomas enjoyed building bridges to trap the fog.

This is a pretty cool thing that shoots scarves out of the tubes.

The boys had fun with a new friend building a stack of blocks with the new crane exhibit.

We've got 7 inches of snow and it's still coming down.  This was this morning.

This afternoon - look at the deck rail!

Happy Snow Day!

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