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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Cemetery

Our 7th Place from the 101 Places List is A CEMETERY.

Last year when we visited our family in June, we took the Dads (and moms and grandma) out to Lil' Dooey's for bbq for Father's Day. Here are the boys, lounging on the porch with their Grandpas.

Because we were across the street from a cemetery where some of David's relatives are laid to rest, we walked over. 

My mother-in-law's stepfather.  I did not realize his middle name was Thomas when we named our first born!

Grandmother Pearl

David's Aunt Frances who sadly passed away before David was born. 

Once we returned to my in-law's house, Carolyn showed the boys pictures of the people who we visited at the cemetery. 

From the Book:
#31 - A Cemetery
When it comes to cemeteries, there are basically two types of people:  those who find them scary, creepy, or boring, and those who find them endlessly interesting.  If you are in the second category, you don't need any convincing to go to a cemetery - you've probably already gone.  If you are in the first group, here are a few reasons to change your mind.  Cemeteries are only scary or creepy if you go at night, which is illegal anyway.  Cemeteries are not boring.  The names on the headstones alone are worth going for - when was the last time you met someone named Epaphroditus or Sophronia?  Then there's the cause of death - cholera, diptheria - diseases doctors found cures for.  From cool crypts to interesting epitaths, you'll learn a lot about history.  Just give it a try - you don't have to stay there!

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squareby said...

There was an old cemetery across the street from my high school and I used to go for walks there all the time. Glad to know I'm not alone!