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Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Wrap Up

I set some goals for myself for 2010. Let's see how I've done this month!

~~Finish 1 knitting project - no, I don't know that I've picked up the needles in February.  Work has been occupying a lot of my time.  I hope to finish my hat in March!
~~Learn All Songs in my current Piano Book - I reported last month that I've pretty much mastered "Minuet" and "Sheep May Safely Graze" by Bach and "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven. I've been practicing those and added "Minuet in G" by Beethoven.
~~Participate in the 52 of 52 Mom-in-the-Photo Project - Yes, I've completed all 8 weeks this month!
~~Successfully Complete 12 No-Spend Weeks - I did not get organized and complete one in February.  I'll have to make up for it later in the year!
~~Refurbish 1 Piece of Furniture - Not yet but I'm thinking about it.
~~Run a 5K - Gosh, I can't believe it will be possible. I haven't really tried yet to run so will start focusing on that once it warms up. I have a hard time running on the treadmill.
~~Go to England California - We've scratched the England idea this year but are making plans for Southern California in the summer!
~~Lose 77 Pounds - Working on it, eating really well.  Will add exercise to the mix once work is over.
~~Successfully Transition to a Stay-at-Home Mom - I have 2 weeks of work left. I'm going to miss it - love the position I'm in, love the people I work with, but I'm really looking forward to the change.

I had my priorities straight for February, focusing more heavily on the boys and work and putting a few other things on the backburner until work is over.  March will be a month of change and I'm looking forward to it!

How was your February?

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