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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Newsroom


For our 20th "101 Places" visit we were fortunate enough to get to visit a Newsroom! 
You thought there had been a lot more than 20 already, didn't you ;)

Uncle Jeffrey was nice enough to set up a tour for us at his old stomping grounds, WCBI.  While in Mississippi last weekend, we took a tour.

Thomas and Brennan in the lobby before we were met by New Director Russ Geller for the tour. 

Sitting at the news desk.  Wow!

The studio

The kitchen set for the cooking segments

The Midday set

Budding meteorologists in front of the green screen

I think David was most impressed with the weather segments, how the screens pop up for the meteorologists to indicate weather patterns and temperatures.

Behind the scenes with Russ Geller learning about editing, producing, and other important aspects of the news.

With Uncle Jeffrey, Ellie, and Taylor just before the live broadcast.

Anchor Aundrea Self just before the live broadcast.  Aundrea was so nice to all of us - we got to sit through part of her Live at Five broadcast.  We did a good job of remaining very, very quiet.

Meteorologist Courtney Cooper who we got to see at work backstage as well.

During a 2 minute break

A huge thank you to Jeffrey for setting up the tour for us.  We learned a lot and it was fun to be in a real newsroom! 

We'd also like to thank everyone at WCBI for spending the time with us.  What a great group of people!

Lastly, this is for my mom.  I've heard many times about her Saturday trips to the Princess Theater to see westerns and Elvis movies when she was growing up.  I was excited to see it was right next door to the station!

From the Book:
#65 - A Newsroom

What exactly is news?  Who decides what we hear about and what we don't?  How does the news circulate?  What's the difference between local and national news?  Visit your local newspaper, radio, or TV station to get "the real scoop".  You may be able to meet with a reporter or an editor, see a newspaper being printed or watch anchor people reading the news live.  Like a good reporter, you should ask a lot of questions so that you really understand what you're seeing.  Some media offer public tours; others may let you visit if you make an appointment.  Either way, make sure you follow up on these leads and get the whole story!

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Kristen said...

This seriously look so cool! My kids would love every second of this (as would I). I love that you do this with your boys. You are such a cool mom!