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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Double Digits

It is hard to believe but Thomas is 10 today. 
He's got a big swimming & sundaes party planned for later this afternoon.

Ten Things about Thomas:
He adores babies and babies light up when they see him (pediatrician?).
He reads incessantly.  Can't get in the car to run a quick errand without a book handy.
He really doesn't like walking in the grass barefoot.
He'd like to be good enough to play tennis in high school.
He is super sweet and very attentive to people's feelings (but don't tell him I told you).
He is a wonderful big brother to Brennan.  They are very close.
He's not a morning person.
Is completely uninterested in girls at the moment.  I wonder if that will ever change.
Loves to talk about investing, economics, chemistry, and cars with his Dad.
Loves to play board games (like me).  His current favorites are Battleship, Clue, and Monopoly.

Happy Birthday, Thomas!
We Love You!

(Me most of all)

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