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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Patton Museum (a.k.a. Father's Day Weekend continues!)

Grandpa Laroy, this one's for you.

As if two car museums and a trip to the Space & Rocket Center weren't a dream come true this past weekend, we also took a side trip to Ft. Knox, Kentucky on our way home from our visit with family.

This is one of those places David has mentioned more than a few times as we pass the sign for the Patton Museum on I65.  I was happy to go because I lived in Ft. Knox when I was 4/5 and it was fun to see it again.

Now that I'm no longer an Army Brat I didn't have any privileges to go on the Post, but we did see it from afar. 

Since "Tank Museum" isn't on the 101 Places to Visit list, this will just be a regular post about our visit :)

I was hoping we could see the gold, but no such luck.  This is where they keep it though.  I saw several layers of barbed wire.

The cemetery and memorial at the entrance to the Patton Museum.

The boys in front of (what David is pretty sure is) a 155mm artillery piece.

It was a HOT, sunny day. 

Outside there were a number of tanks and other Armor equipment.  This is an M1 Abrams main battle tank, according to my in-house expert.

And here's Thomas inside the museum in a simulator of the tank above.  He's driving the tank here.

David had the camera most of this visit.  Here are the boys in front of a Soviet Iraqi tank.

And the boys serving as commander and gunner in the simulator.

A very happy David and the boys.

Yes, I was there!  We're in front of a North Korean T34.

And Thomas as a WWI soldier.

It really was fun to see Ft. Knox after all these years, and it was great to give David the opportunity to FINALLY see the Patton Museum (especially since we learned it'll be transitioned to Ft. Benning, Georgia later this year).

I feel pretty well linked to Patton after seeing the movie once or twice with David and visiting the Monument in Bastogne, Belgium 9 years ago.  Didn't have to travel as far this time!

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