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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mississippi Trip June 2010

Ellie (5), Brennan (8), Thomas (almost 10), Taylor (8)

We had a really great time visiting family in Mississippi this past week. We were sorry the timing didn't work out where we could see all of the family, but it was good to get home and spend some time with the Starkville crew, especially the boys' grandparents.

Grandma Carolyn made Thomas a birthday cake, which he decorated himself.

Brennan with Uncle Jeffrey's hissing cockroach

Daddy and son watching tv together

Brennan and Grandpa Don have a staring contest

Thomas with Dumpster

And we had to get a picture of the boys with kudzu.  It wouldn't be a trip down south in the summer without seeing kudzu all around!  This particular patch was in north Alabama.

We did a ton of sightseeing on this trip which I'll put in a separate post(s).
It was a really fun time together and we were so glad to spend some quality time with my grandmother, Mawmaw, who is not doing well.  We're praying for her!

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