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Monday, June 14, 2010

Lemonade, Blueberries, and an MG Update

Yesterday Brennan decided to build a lemonade stand.  These photos tell you a lot about my boys.

This was Brennan's idea, and Brennan did all the work.  Notice the box says "Bren's Drinks".
Yet, here is Thomas, somehow in the middle of it, enjoying the only chair while his brother sets everything up.

Notice the crossed legs.  He has a future in management for sure.

The boys lost interest before they had any customers (except for Mom and Dad).  We live on a very quiet street and I suspect everyone was at home having lunch after church or enjoying a Sunday nap.

Thomas took some great photos of our blueberries.  We have two large bushes in the backyard.  Many years the birds have gotten to the berries before they've ripened and we've had time to pick them. 

David won't eat them because he knows about the fertilizer and weed spray he puts out in the yard, but the boys and I have enjoyed a few!

I think Thomas did a great job on the photography.

We enjoy berries over ice cream. 
Heat 2 cups of any berries (we've been using our blueberries and the CSA cherries), 1/2 cup sugar, 1 Tbsp cornstarch and 3 Tbsp water over medium heat.  When they're bubbly and thick, pour over vanilla ice cream!

In MG news:  David has been consulting all of his manuals - this is going to be a long process getting the MG ready to start up.  They did a great job cleaning up the gas tank this weekend.  And David sent the carburetors off to be rebuilt.

Here's Brennan stopping for a moment to brush off some rust.

Thomas was a little more into it, even pausing to get safety goggles.  Brennan's off again.

After a couple of coats of spray paint, it's looking good as new!

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