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Saturday, June 12, 2010

CampInvention 2010

The boys attended CampInvention this past week and had a blast!  This is a national camp that is in its 2nd year in town.  It was just perfect for Thomas and Brennan - all science and math, with economics and art thrown in.  They really loved it!

I can't explain it well and do it justice.  It's better to look at the link above.

We attended the Inventors Showcase on Friday afternoon.  They were so proud of all the work they had done.  They really learned a lot.

We were especially proud of Brennan because this is the first camp he has attended on his own, without babysitter or parental supervision.  Two summers ago I never would have signed him up for this type of camp, knowing there would be daily issues.  Last summer was questionable, and honestly I don't think he would have been that engaged.

What a difference a year makes!  He was totally engaged and there were absolutely 0 issues - none whatsoever.  He was awesome!

Thomas and Brennan worked with Claire and Faith to create a store for their new virtual world, and then develop a song and dance for their marketing campaign.  Really awesome.

God bless teachers who take on summer camps!

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