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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Car Museums (a.k.a. Happy Father's Day Weekend!)

For the past 17 years whenever we travel to Mississippi, David always jokes about all the places up and down I-65 that we never get to visit.  We're usually focused on just getting there and rarely make stops along the way to sightsee.

On the spur of the moment as we entered Tupelo, MS on our way David said "I'd love to go to the Tupelo Automobile Museum."  I love a spur-of-the-moment idea any time, so we jumped at the chance.

Look at this smile

In addition to all the automobiles from the late 1800s to today, they had a "Salute to Summer" with a lot of Corvettes.  I think this was my favorite.

The boys had the chance to see some well-preserved antiques.  They were interested in the front hand crank on the really old cars, and all the ways the hoods and doors opened up throughout the years.

Look at David's smile - he is so happy to be showing these cars to his boys.

This is 3-wheeled.  It's hard to believe you need a license to drive it.

This reminds me.  I need to put "Back to the Future" on our Netflix list.  The boys would love those movies!

Because Tupelo is where Elvis was born, they had an Elvis tribute which Brennan was fascinated by.  "Did he really wear those pants and that shirt?"  "Why did he need such a big car?"  "How come I've never heard of any of his movies?"

One of Liberace's cars.  Notice the candleabra on the back.

On our way back we took a day and a half instead of our typical 1 day.  We planned a visit to Huntsville, AL and then spent the night in Kentucky which we never do.  We enjoyed the hotel pool at night and instead of rushing home the next day, we decided to hit 3 Kentucky locations that we had never taken the time to visit on our many travels. 

First up, the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. 

This museum is really well done.  Brennan especially was amazed.  "This car is so beautiful" was heard repeatedly.  The layout of the museum is terrific.

This was at the beginning of the museum.  This baby is waiting for its new owner to arrive and pick it up.

My favorite.

Yes, I was there.  And actually enjoyed myself!

Inside the domed part of the museum.

I love spontaneous stops along the way, so it was fun to get to see some places we've only driven by for years.  And my 3 men enjoyed it too!

I'd love to say I planned all this for Father's Day weekend though :)


Robyn said...

Wow looks like a great time, love all the pictures!

carrielt said...

My hubby would love to visit that place. Very cool. Great pictures!!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Cool detour. Nice shots.

Marice said...

wow looks like the boys have so much! and so are you :) the cars are awesome too!

u may view mine here