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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer's Here!

School's Out!  We now have a 5th grader and a 3rd grader - I can't believe it!  74 Days of Summer - yeah!!!

It has been quite the year, especially for Thomas.  We all made it through in one piece.  The Accelerated program was exactly what he needed - a true challenge for him finally.  But, boy, did it challenge us :)

In other Thomas news, he lost a tooth last weekend and when I went to the end-of-school class party today, he had lost another tooth!  It was really sweet - he came up to me and hugged me and showed me his tooth box around his neck.  How much longer will I get hugs from my boys in FRONT OF THEIR FRIENDS?  Not long, I'm sure.

In MG news:

David and the boys cleaned it well.  David replaced the battery and now the horn and lights work and the radio comes on! 

Next up - working on the starting system and fuel system.  David's really enjoying this new hobby!

1 comment:

Kendra said...

yay for summer! I love the picture of the boys throwing their backpacks into the air! :-)