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Monday, July 26, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Peace Place

A Peace Place

When we first got the "101 Places Book" the boys had a ton of fun going through each of the 101 places.  They created a Wish List at the back of the book of the ones they definitely wanted to see someday.  A Peace Place was one of Brennan's top choices.

The book has a photo of the Korean Bell of Friendship on the Peace Place page.  We decided to visit it in San Pedro while we were in Los Angeles.

This beautiful site is in Angel's Park in San Pedro.  David pointed out the irony since this used to be a spot where the military protected the coast.  You can see where guns, cannons, etc. were set up. 

Korea gave this beautiful bell to the United States in 1976 as a symbol of friendship between our two nations.  My dad was in South Korea in that timeframe for a year.  Pretty cool!

I love the frame it's in - it was really so pretty.

We were there on a Friday evening and there was a family to the left of the building having a wedding rehearsal.  The wedding was going to be the next evening at sunset.  I think it would be a beautiful wedding setting!

View of the water from the Bell

It really was very quiet and peaceful at the park.  There were some families sightseeing like us, but others picnicking and resting on the hills.  A great place to get away from the traffic and people of Los Angeles and reflect.

From the Book:
#62 - A Peace Place
Now that you've seen a few places that focus on fighting, how about visiting one that's about peace?  A world where all nations and all peoples live together in harmony is a beautiful dream, and those who share this dream keep it alive in many ways.  There are peace gardens, peace parks, peace pagodas (an age-old Buddhist symbol of peace), and peace poles (a simple post meant to remind people to hope for peace).  If you can't find a peace place, it's easy enough to make on of your own at your school or even in your backyard.  And if everyone keeps working towards the dream, every place can be a peace place.

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