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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Swimming Visitor!

We had a special visitor on Friday!  Our friends Elliot, Stella, Pierce, and Jared came to swim. 

Stella and Pierce brought their puppy, Axl!

Here he is with his sweet mom Angie.

I love this photo of Angie and Axl (her true love).

The kids had fun luring Axl to the diving board.  He really enjoyed the cheddar Sun Chips.

He's questioning how to get down without having to go into the water.  He decided later he liked the water afterall.

We aren't often around dogs so it was especially good for my boys to get to know him.  Axl is only a few months old.  He's a St. Bernard and he is soooo sweet and cute.

Love him!  He is so sweet and good with the kids!  Come back again soon, Axl!

1 comment:

Paula said...

That dog is adorable! We adopted a St. Bernard when I was a child. He was a great pet.