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Friday, July 30, 2010

ASTC - A Really Great Deal!

A few years ago we were visiting Wonderlab in Bloomington and I decided to go ahead and get the membership.  The boys loved the science/nature museum so much and I enjoyed the day trips to Bloomington where Indiana University is located.  Lots of great restaurants and shopping as well as science/nature.

I was so glad I did get the membership because it turned out Wonderlab was linked with hundreds of other like museums throughout the US.  With our membership card, we could get in any of those other museums for free!

Because we had a number of trips coming up, I knew we'd be able to take advantage of it.  And, did we!  I can't tell you how many times over the 2 years that we've had a membership that it came in handy.  Of course, some places we planned for, but others were just a surprise.

Like the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.  I hadn't even thought to check if it was part of the Association of Science & Technology Centers - we were going either way.  But, what a pleasant surprise when we realized it was!  

We used the membership twice at Balboa Park in San Diego,  in new towns we hadn't visited in Indiana, several times in Boston, in Louisville, and when we visited Chicago I believe we were able to use it just about everywhere we went.

If you travel and are interested in finding out more about which museums and centers are included in your membership, click here

Our annual membership with the ASTC Passport Program comes to an end this month.  So the boys and I drove over to Bloomington this week and visited Wonderlab.  They still love it although they are getting older and can see everything in less time.  We've decided not to renew our membership at this time.  We've really enjoyed the opportunities it has afforded us while the boys were young!

Brennan climbing The Grapevine

The Grapevine - pretty cool!

One of my favorites.  When you spin the drum and pluck the guitar.....

...you can see the different wavelengths!

Thomas jumped all the way to 7' at one point!

Oh, they're getting so tall!

I love this Rube-Goldberg contraption.  I could watch those little balls for hours.

This is a bubble of steam (cloud bubble).  Very cool!

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