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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Boardwalk

A Boardwalk

I was really excited that we had time while we were in Los Angeles to visit Santa Monica.  I have read wonderful things about the Santa Monica Pier and hoped to experience it for ourselves.  If I do say, I planned most of our trip well - we rarely ran into crowds because we went to places at off-times when there were not a lot of people.  This one I didn't time though, so we hit it on a busy, hot Saturday afternoon.

The pier/boardwalk from the main road

On our way down the pier.  Brennan was so excited because they had a roller coaster.  He had recently become addicted to roller coasters at Legoland.

The pier had some great shops like this one.

We saw lots of arcade games.  David and I rememebered this one from the Tom Hanks movie "Big".

The ferris wheel is the most famous ride at the Santa Monica Pier, but Brennan chose the roller coaster.

There are he and Dad towards the back.

He loved it!

We didn't go in the ocean at the Santa Monica beach but it was fun to see it from the Boardwalk.

I love mountains near the ocean!  Best of both worlds.

Had to get some ice cream on the boardwalk!

While we didn't see any flame-eaters (see book description below), we did some some street performers.

It was a fun afternoon exploring Santa Monica!

From the Book:
#42 - A Boardwalk
If you're taking your exploring seriously, you've already been to the uninhabited island mentioned in #10.  For a completely different beach experience, you need to see a boardwalk.  Boardwalks are kind of old-timey and that's the fun of them.  they have hot dog stands, sno-cones, carnival rides, fortune-tellers, and silly souvenirs.  But the best part is the people watching.  Something about being on a boardwalk brings out the wackiness in people:  you might see flame-eaters, roller-skating musicians, people juggling strange things like chainsaws.  Where else can you get all this...and for free?

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Kendra said...

Very cool! You guys sure saw a lot on your trip!