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Monday, July 12, 2010

When TV and Reality Mix

When I started graduate school at the University of Georgia (go Dawgs!), I met some really cool people.  I've stayed close friends with two, but through the miracle of facebook I'm getting back in touch with others after all these years.

One of my new friends on Graduate Teaching Assistant first day was Amy.  Amy became one of my favorite people very quickly.  And one thing we had in common was As the World Turns.

My family watched the CBS soaps over the years, so I certainly knew who Lucinda, Lily, Holden, and Dr. Bob were even though I hadn't watched it in a long time.  Amy's family were dedicated fans at that time, so we had something to talk about right off.

The funnest part was dissecting the show.  This was totally new to me - analyzing character's reactions to a situation.  Discussing plot devices and what they meant for our favorite characters.  Talking like these folks were real was strange and fun. 

And then it became a completely normal thing to do.  I think the start of the Internet gave fans a chance to chat about their shows the way Amy and I had years prior.  It still feels surreal to me when the tv world and reality collide - as in this short You Tube video from a couple of days ago.  Here are part of the cast of one of my favorite shows - NCIS - saying hi to fans as they prepare for their Season 8 first episode.

NCIS Cast is Back to Work, Film a Message for the Fans

We live in a pretty cool world, I must say!

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