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Sunday, July 4, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A People-Watching Place

A People-Watching Place

I did not intend to turn our adventure at Symphony on the Prairie last night into one of our 101 Places to See experiences, but it just turned out that way.  We have not taken the boys to many outdoor concerts and I am not sure they've ever been to something with this many people.  We couldn't get over how many people were there last night.

Brennan was talking to me about how he couldn't believe that many people would come for the same event.  And he thought the people who were in charge must have made a lot of money.  Thomas and I sat together at one point and talked about all the families around us and how everyone had their own activities going on but we were all there for the same reason.

Ginger and I walked around early in the evening just to see everything.  This is a small fraction of the people who ended up coming to the event.  It was packed.

Everyone set up their blankets, chairs, and coolers as we did.

Lots and lots of coolers.

Other things we saw as we talked about "people-watching".  Everyone stood up when the flags came by.  Thomas was impressed by this.

We watched families with grandparents, parents, kids, grandkids, cousins all having a great time.

I watched Thomas as he sang "God Bless America" with his eyes closed and very sweetly.

And here's a man teaching kids to play blackjack.  Oh wait, that's our crew.

We found the Symphony on the Prairie was a great place to People-Watch last night.

From the Book:
#93 - A People-Watching Place
If you were a psychologist or sociologist, you'd call it "conducting behavioral research".  But since you're just an ordinary kid, you can call it people watching:  sitting back and observing what the people around you are doing, what they're wearing, what they're saying.  You can really do it anywhere, but every town has a place that is especially good for people watching.  It might be a park, a certain street, or even the mall.  Pick a good spot, get yourself something to eat or drink, and just watch.  Don't stare of course - that will make you too obvious (and would be rude).  The key to people watching is to blend in with the background so that no one is watching you.  Stay as long as you're interested, then move along - it's that easy.


Ginger Lirette said...

We had such a great time. I love your pictures and the blog looks soooo professional and beautiful

Kristen said...

I love to people watch! I really should take my older boys somewhere to people watch, just to see what their reactions would be!

Joanne said...

Hi Bonnie- I just found your blog- I love what y'all have done with the book!
I have a new blog called the Wanderlists where I explore some more ideas from the 101 Places and 101 Things To Do Books. Please stop by and I'd also love to include your family in a post about families using the book for family travel.
Joanne O'Sullivan