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Saturday, July 24, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Working Port

A Working Port

While not the most exciting of the 101 Places for us, we certainly saw working ports while we were in California last week.  I think we officially saw 3 - San Diego, Los Angeles, and Long Beach.

At the Embarcadero in San Diego

In San Diego there are a number of sections of their port.  We walked through one section called The Embarcadero where the Midway Aircraft Carrier is docked.

Can you see the planes on top of the Midway?  It is certainly a huge ship.

We were going to tour it but there was quite a line and they were all waiting in the hot sun, so David decided to skip the tour.

This statue is next to the Midway.  Pretty cool!

Also on the Embarcadero is the Bob Hope Memorial.

Down the way on the Embarcadero is the Star of India.  This ship was built in 1863 in England and is the oldest ship that still sails regularly.

San Diego had a number of other types of working ships in their port.  We saw a lot of these when we took the Bay Bridge over to Coronado Island.

In Long Beach and Los Angeles we saw great examples of a working port.  It was hard to get good photos because we were usually driving as we saw the ports.  But, wow, those ports were HUGE.

This is just a small example of the cranes along the Long Beach port - lots of cranes for lifting heavy cargo containers.

Lots of sailboats and commercial fishing boats in Long Beach as well.

Plenty of cruise ships leaving Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles too.

Port of Los Angeles below.

From the Book:
#76 - A Working Port
A giant cruise ship glides slowly past a rusty old fishing boat; a freighter with a name written in an unknown script sits at dock as workers unload huge containers of who-knows-what bound for who-knows-where; a fancy yacht raises its sails and heads out into open water - a port bustles with activity day and night, bringing together people (and boats!) from around the world.  There are fishing ports where you can watch fishermen unload their catch of the day and cargo ports where you can watch stevedores unload cars from Germany or containers of goods from China.  No matter which one you see, the interersection of land and sea is a fascinating place to be.


Kendra said...

As usual, great pictures! You are so good about showing your boys so many cool things! :-) I awarded you a little bloggy award today on my post....

Cabrell said...

I love the Embracadero! Did you know they're going to take down that giant romantic statue? I was so heart broken! Schools in San Diego get to go to the Star of India and the Midway for overnught field trips. How cool is that? My sister went with her school.