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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last California Post

So, this is it.  What a great trip we had. 
Here are a few parting shots, mostly taken on my phone, so excuse the quality.

One of the main reasons we started talking about a trip to California was Legoland.  Thomas has been a HUGE Lego fan for years.  His grandparents gave him Lego Magazine for his birthday last year and they advertise the heck out of Legoland.  Our kids are not into Disney and have never asked to go to Disney World (and they ask to go just about everywhere), but Legoland was different.  Thomas begged often.

A Dream Come True

Legoland had a great mix of water park, rides, shows, and amazing Lego creations like the ones below.

All made of Legos!

The boys with a San Diego Padre (get it?)

We attended a show at Legoland on Egypt - another of Thomas's passions.  Here he is participating in the show below.  Really, this trip was just suited so perfectly to him (Legoland, La Brea Tar Pits, Sculpture Park, Children's and Natural History Museums, ocean waves, beach sand, Mexican food...)

While in San Diego we enjoyed several beaches.  Here we are at La Jolla.  It was a perfect beach.

While in Los Angeles we stayed in downtown Long Beach.  Thought I'd share a photo.

And, on our way home.


I worried that we might have seen too much on our trip.  I didn't want it all to fly by in a blur.  I made out a little quiz on our last day and the boys happily took it and did well!  They're at a great age and hopefully will have wonderful memories of our time together in California as a family.

Brennan didn't want to leave.  He said if someone would grant him the wish of just one more week in California he would love that person forever!

Me too, Brennan.  Me too.

1 comment:

Cabrell said...

Hey! I live in Carlsbad!! Awesome that you guys came here! Legoland is a frequent favorite of mine, too! Hope your boys enjoyed it!