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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blog Banners

I have had a number of questions over the last few months about how to make a blog header banner.  I started doing this back in April on my blog and am still learning.  I usually just send people a link to Sarah's blog with her great directions.

If you are receiving my blog posts in emails or you're reading this in Google Reader or another reader, then you probably are not sure what I'm referring to.  If you go directly to my blog, then you'll see the banner at the top.

I've already changed it to August because I am preparing to leave for a trip (yes, another one) and am getting some stuff done - like the all-important blog banner!

If you are interested in creating a banner but are not sure where to start, I encourage you to read Sarah's post.  It's really detailed and I refer to it each month!

I tend to include things that are going on in that month.  I tend to use that month's photos from previous years (like I pulled from August 2008 and 2009 for this month's photos).

In August we have back to school and we start back with piano lessons.  But we are also going to Lake Michigan, bike riding on the weekends, and swimming.  It's sort of my way of celebrating what we are doing in the coming month. 

Previous blog banners I've done.

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