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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Break in Orlando!

We had a wonderful time last week in Orlando for our Fall Break.
We also got to celebrate David's birthday while we were there!

I've been to Orlando a few times traveling with work, but we had never taken the boys and it seems like one of those places that they would just love.

We're not really a Disney family (the boys like Nickelodeon) and they've never once asked to go to Disney World.  However they have asked many, many times to go to Orlando because they wanted to see Florida and they really wanted to stay at the Nickelodeon Hotel!

So we planned an unconventional Orlando trip to see the places we thought we'd all four really enjoy. 
It was fantastic and I'll share just a few of the hundreds of photos we took.

First up - The Nick Hotel.

The boys had seen the hotel advertised on t.v. and they were dying to go.

They have two large pool areas with slides and all the amenities.
This one was closed most of the time we were there so we didn't enjoy it, but the one above was great.

The water was freezing but it didn't stop the boys.
See Brennan lined up towards the front in goggles waiting for the "Mass Sliming"?

The big bucket on top dumps the slime.

Happy, happy boys! 

The hotel is decorated Nick-style.

Brennan and Dora

Thomas pondering a Clue in the Blue's Clue's Thinking Chair 

Grandma Nan - this one is for you...

All rooms are suites with bunk bed rooms for the kids.
They loved that their room had their own t.v.!

If you are thinking about the Nick Hotel, feel free to email me for our thoughts on the stay.

1 comment:

Paula said...

I'll pass but it looks like a fun spot for kids. I'd like to see the sliming in action!