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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Orlando Fall Break Part 2

We had a great trip to Orlando for our Fall Break. 
I shared with you where we stayed yesterday, and today am sharing loads of photos from Harry Potter World.

We're a big Harry Potter family (as you probably already know) so when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened up in Orlando, I suddenly got more interested in a possible trip there.

As I said, we had not visited the theme parks in Orlando before, so as I started planning I realized WWHP is inside Universal Islands of Adventure.  Awesome. 
We spent a day there and had a great time.

So settle back with your cup of coffee for a world of photos.

We knew from various reports that Harry Potter World gets busy so we headed there straight away.

At the entrance to Hogsmeade and you can see Station 9 and 3/4

The buildings in Hogsmeade were so well done - very realistic!

Brennan's taking our visit with the Hogwarts Express conductor very seriously.

Honeydukes Sweets Shop.
Thomas got a chocolate frog and Brennan got a bottle of pumpkin juice.

Zonko's Joke Shop

With a sales person inside Zonko's

I lined up for a Butter Beer (psst. not really beer)

It was David's birthday!

Here is Howart's Castle!
We went on the ride there and it was fantastic - maybe my favorite ride on our trip.

After Harry Potter World we headed to Poseidon's Fury - a very cool attraction.

And, finally, Brennan got to visit Seuss Landing!
He is a huge Dr. Seuss fan.

We did all the rides and activities there.

Posing with Sam I Am.

They loved this playground area in Seuss Landing.

Then on to Toon Lagoon.
Thomas used to be a huge Fantastic 4 fan so had to get a photo.

Thomas and David did the Spider Man ride while Brennan and I walked all around.

They knew who Popeye was but had no idea about Sweet Pea or Olyve Oil, etc.

Thomas and I did one of the water rides and got absolutely soaked.

Then on to Jurassic Park which was really well done as well.

A really great day at Universal's Islands of Adventure!


Paula said...

I knew nothing about Harry Potter World until reading your post. I've had no desire to go to Disney, but I really would enjoy the HP part of the park. What an awesome trip for your family!

Anna said...

my Thomas would love the Harry Potter park, he wants to go to the new Legoland in Florida too.
Looks like y'all had a fun time together!