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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Goodbye, Dragon

A little over a year ago we welcomed Dragon to the family.  Thomas really wanted a betta fish and he earned it.  This was his and Dad's project and Thomas took great care of him.

We had to say goodbye to Dragon last Friday and Thomas was very, very sad.  He takes after me in almost every way and he was thoroughly upset.  He couldn't even sleep so he slept with me and finally drifted off.  Poor sweet boy. 

Goodbye Dragon - we really enjoyed having a pet again!

photos from September 2010


Brandi said...

oh my goodness, i can totally relate. my son got a goldfish for Christmas last year and named him "crackers". He took care of his fish and kept it alive until March. when his fish died he cried so hard for two days straight. I actually took video of the "funeral" we had for crackers!!! I hope your son is feeling better!

Anna said...

I'm sorry! At least he had a pretty good life for a fish. I would like a betta fish for my pre-school class, but I have not had much luck here with goldfish at home and I am scared the same would happen if I got a fish for school.