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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Take Them a Meal

Are you familiar with the website Take Them a Meal
This might be old news to all of you, but I am new to the site and think it's fantastic.
I wanted to share it with those of you who may not yet know about it.

If you ever need to organize meals for a family, this is the site to use.
You send friends a link to the meal coordination you've set up and that's it!
Friends will sign up to take a meal and the website sends them a reminder a couple of days before their day.
The family receiving the meals can check to see which nights a meal is expected so they can plan ahead.
And the site is free.  Perfect.

This is a sample schedule.
If you want a certain day you just click on Take and fill in the detail of what you'll be taking.

If you're the organizer, it's a very simple process to set up a schedule and send the link to those you think might be able to help a family in need.

The website has a number of links to help you think of meals to take, it includes recipes, and frequently asked questions.

A family in our church is going through cancer treatments right now.
A church member set up the schedule and sent it out.
Within 3 days they had the entire monthly schedule filled in.

I signed up for last night and typed in that I was taking fish and vegetables.
Then I found out one of the family members can't eat fish, so I went back to the schedule to figure out what else to make.
It was great to see the full schedule so I didn't duplicate.
Wouldn't want to eat lasagna 3 nights in a row!

I wish I had known about this website a few months ago when I was coordinating meals for a local family.  But, now I do and will be using it!

Have you ever used Take Them a Meal?

all photos from the takethemameal.com website


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Wow, I could have used this years ago when everyone in the neighborhood was having babies, LOL! Thanks so much for sharing, Bonnie. This is *great*

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This is a great website! I used to do this within our church and it could have been easier! It's nice to know about it! Thanks for the link! ♥