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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Go Colts!

On Sunday we took the boys to their first Colts game.
This was our first game in the new stadium and our friends' first game as well.

Brennan, Thomas, Tom

 Not sure why but the first half of these photos are tinted blue.
The stadium doesn't look that large from the outside, but it was enormous once we got in.

Jackie, Matt, and Tom

The Big Kids
Jackie, Matt, and Tom are from England and enjoyed their first pro football game.


We arrived early enough to have lunch (mmmm nachos) and see the stadium.
Wow - huge.

The weather was gorgeous.
The roof was partially retracted and we had seats facing the Indy skyline.

Many trips up and down the stairs for snacks and restrooms.

Hey look!  Brennan was actually watching and following the game!
No hiding under coats, blocking out the sun, playing DS (that much) during this game!
(These Chiefs fans weren't happy in the first half, but they were very happy in the second half when they took the game.)

But my big boy was caught red-handed with that Blackberry.

Brennan couldn't get over the skyline.
He thought it was a painting at first.

After the game we headed to Kabuto for some delicious Japanese cooked right in front of us.
The boys loved all the fires, egg tricks, and zucchini tosses. 

A beautiful day with friends!


Anna said...

looks like a fun day out!

Ginger Zuck said...

How fun was that!!!?? Looks like you all had a great day of fun and good weather! The COLTS are my team also. Being from Knoxville, TN, Peyton is my boy!