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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costume Party 2011

We hosted an awesome party on Saturday night with our good friends Katy Perry and Russell Brand.

When I say "host" I mean Mary and Mike did all the work and David and I just added our names to the invitations.

That's us - Joan from "Mad Men" and Indiana Jones.

Mary and Mike did the party up right.

I loved the tables and centerpieces!

These pumpkins are so cute!  I'm making some next year.

I loved how these two were kind of looking at each other :)

Mary even created parting treat bags.

Even Sox and Beans got in on the party!
And look at their awesome Boston Terrier pumpkin!

Everyone came in costume!
Here's a prom queen and a Knight.

Even Alton Brown showed up!

And a "lady" and his kitty cat
This lady really creeped David out :)

And Orchids and Onions (a feature in our local paper)

Sweet friends (and a creepy Russel Brand) 

And angel and kitty

An angel and devil

I dyed my hair red for the occasion and splurged to get an updo.
The ladies at the salon surprised me with awesome fake lashes (which also creeped David out).
But he liked the hair.

The hair was fantastic!  Thanks Leah!
At the salon pre-lashes

I did not take nearly enough photos of all of our guests, I was too busy enjoying the festivities.
So much fun to celebrate Halloween!

1 comment:

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Y'all all look fabulous! :D How much fun y'all are having! PERFECT costume, Bonnie!