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Sunday, January 1, 2012

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Street Market

A Street Market

A couple of weeks ago Brennan pulled out this book and asked me to sit with him as we went through all of the 101 Places, reminiscing about the ones we've done. 
It was a nice surprise because I did not want this adventure to be mine alone - it was nice to see that our travels and experiences have made an impact on my youngest and quietest family member.

As we prepared for our journey south, I glanced through the book wondering if there were any 101 Places we hadn't seen in New Orleans, but none jumped out at me.

But we found 3 one day and we were all pleasantly surprised!

As we toured the French Quarter, we came across the French Market, and I confirmed with David that it would absolutely qualify for #100 A Street Market - starting up the second half of our 101 Places.

The French market is a great place to get a cup of coffee and a snack as you walk through admiring the food, crafts, souvenirs, and other items.

Brennan rarely asks for a souvenir but we found a lady selling handmade bracelets with names on beads woven into them.  They had a "Brennan" which is extremely rare.  He just had to have it!

I told the boys that when I visited New Orleans the first time with my family years and years ago, I bought a pair of sunglasses with my own money and I was so proud.  I told them where the kiosk was and, lo and behold, it was still there - in the same spot!

From the Book:
#100 - A Street Market
From the exotic souks of Marrakech to London's famed Portobello Road, street markets are the liveliest spots in any town.  Even on an ordinary day, it feels like something exciting is happening there.  The streets are lined with stalls selling anything from inexpensive jewelry to books, toys, or interesting little objects you've never seen before.  There's usually music in the air, and the smells, tastes, and colors of everything for sale make it oh so much more than just a shopping experience.  Haggling (asking for a better price) is a tradition at street markets, so if you find something you really want, don't let a high price tag get you down.  Offer a lower price and let the negotiations begin!  Even if you don't purchase anything, you'll leave with a great memory.

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