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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Goals

I shared with you back at the beginning of January that I was honoring Amber at the Starfish Blog by making a big resolution for each month this year.  I also made myself a list of goals for each month as well, and they're listed and crossed off on the side bar of my blog.

Spring Clean the Entire House

My January resolution was to spring clean the entire house.  Clean out cobwebs, wipe down baseboards, vacuum under furniture, weed out, give away, straighten, and re-organize each and every interior room in the house.  I did it.  There were many, many trips to Goodwill.

And lots of opportunities to give items to people who would use them and appreciate them.
I bought Thomas a Hawaiian shirt at Goodwill this summer and saw an old winter-y wreath that I had donated.  I saw a lady looking at it and when I went to check out, I saw her at another check out counter purchasing it for $2.  Love that.
I didn't overtax the 3 boys in the house this year in my Spring Clean mode - but David was a big help in cleaning out storage closets, and the boys helped with their rooms and playroom.

I've shared all the details on how I thoroughly Spring Clean the house in these posts - 2011, 2010, here, and here.
I still tackle a room/day using my calendar approach to keeping the house from descending into madness.  I explained that process in this post.  To this day that is one of the most commonly Googled topics that brings people to my blog.

This year was not nearly as tough to spring clean as years past. 
I'm sure it's because I'm doing a little each month on each room, which makes "Spring" Cleaning sooo much easier.

Done - now I can look forward to February with a new list of goals and a new Monthly Resolution.

Add New Classes/Workouts to My Fitness Schedule
Looking forward to tackling this one next month.
Happy February!  My birthday month and one month closer to Spring Break!


Kristen said...

Okay, I haven't been reading you for as long as I wish I had, I am going to go back and read your cleaning posts. That is one of the things that I want to do this year is declutter, declutter, declutter! I love that you are doing a new resolution each month it seems less overwhelming that way. I think I might jump in on February and copy you.

Claire said...

My goal is to organize but definitely need to declutter first! I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!