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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Double Digits!

Happy 10th birthday to our tree-hugger 10 year old!

(Taken in California in July 2010)

Brennan wakes up cheerful and talkative each morning.
He is really funny with his dry humor.

A year ago I had a wart on my finger that I was trying to get off.
He made this post-it note and would stick it on my back when I wasn't looking.
It would then wind up in his backpack or in his bed so he found it at funny times.
I would then find it stuck on our bedroom door or in my purse.

The wart is long-gone by the way.

Brennan loves math, economics, anything Nintendo or Mario related, environmental awareness, music, and is trying to learn Japanese (so he can go to Japan and work for Nintendo one day of course).

He's about 75 lbs and 4'7".

And a big happy birthday to his cousin Natalie who celebrates her 8th birthday today!
It's so much fun having Birthday Cousins!

Happy Birthday, Brennan!

1 comment:

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Happy Brithday, Brennan! I am so happy that I got to meet you last summer. I hope you have an amazing day!!!

Ricki Jill