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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Final Lightscoop Post

Last Lightscoop post, I promise. 
You can read more about this DSLR add-on in these two posts here and here.

As I was taking Brennan's birthday photo today in our foyer with low light, I was struck by the difference the Light Scoop made.

On Manual (per instructions) with Lightscoop

Manual with no flash (the way I normally take low light photos)

Automatic with flash (the way most people take indoor photos)

I think this might be the best series I've taken in all 3 ways that shows the difference between the 3 normal settings.  I certainly feel better about taking indoor low-light photos now with the Lightscoop.

Again, I have been compensated in no way for my multiple Lightscoop posts.  All opinions are mine.

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