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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Orleans 2011

We decided to add on a day to our Christmas trip so we could enjoy New Orleans.
David and I hadn't been there in years and we were excited to take the boys.
So settle back for lots of New Orleans photos.

We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter.
Brennan decided it must be a 5 star hotel.

The boys loved passing this art gallery with a kitty cat in the window.

Brennan's restaurant

Pretty balconies

Cruisin' Bourbon Street

Jackson Square
St. Louis Cathedral

The Mighty Mississippi

We passed a restaurant and smelled this wonderful stock they were brewing for gumbo and jambalaya later in the day.

We rode a trolley for the fun of it, but it made so many stops we could have just walked :)

Canal Street

Two of my three love architecture, and we got to see a lot of great examples in New Orleans.
This is not one of them (in my opinion).  I feel for the poor people on the back side of this older building!

TripAdvisor.com told us that the WWII Museum was the most popular tourist attraction in New Orleans, so we had to visit it.  Loved this sign - only in New Orleans!

The Museum had a large focus on D-Day.  The videos were terrific.  Smaller than I expected, but well done.

The Higgins boat was designed by a New Orleans native and had a major impact on the war on European soil.

We had a lot of great Cajun food while we visited New Orleans.
Brennan had his first gumbo and loved it - ordering it everywhere we went.
Thomas liked the red beans and rice the best.
I need good Emeril Lagasse style recipes for both!
David enjoyed the etouffe and jambalaya, and I enjoyed the fried oysters.

We saw lots of "Best Gumbo" signs! 

Bourbon Street at night.
We arrived the night the Saints were playing a home game - it was pretty wild.
But nothing to compare to the upcoming New Year's Eve, Sugar Bowl (Jan 3), and the Bowl Championship (Jan 9).  I'm glad we got out before all those festivities began!

David and I have been to Mardi Gras numerous times and have experienced the nightlife.
The boys didn't need to beyond this sedate walk through the French Quarter!

And no visit to New Orleans would be complete without beignets and a cafe au lait!

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