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Monday, January 16, 2012

Lightscoop Love pt.2

Awhile back I shared that I got a Lightscoop for my Nikon for Christmas.  I've been playing with it and am finding that it makes a huge difference - especially with indoor, low-light photo ops.

I was waiting for one of our Wine Club nights to play with it because usually those photos don't turn out well.  Here are some examples. 

In each case the Lightscoop photo is on the left and regular no flash is on the middle and right.

The middle and right ones are really yellow-y, and the closer up I took these photos, the grainier they got.  But the one on the left was super crisp and had truer colors.

Again, the Lightscoop photo on the left is crisper, and has truer colors than the other two.

And even with lower light - the one on the left is a better representation of true skin color and less yellow-y.

When cooking the last month I took several samples of
Left - Lightscoop
Middle - No flash
Right - Flash

The one on the left is crisper and has fewer blow-out issues.

The one on the left with Lightscoop is quite bright but it seems to have truer colors.

The middle one is too dark (no flash) but the one on the right with the flash blows out the white.

The Lightscoop one on the left is the truest colors - it's amazing how different the cutting board looks in each photo!

My examples may not offer the best evidence, but I feel like I've got a much better handle on how to take better indoor photos.  I'm crossing this off my January goals list!


Paula said...

I have been meaning to order one of these. I think you just sold me!

Paula said...

Do you have the standard or warming one?

Jen said...

I LOVE my lightscoop. I can't imagine taking indoor photos without it. Eventually I want an actual adjustable flash, but for the price, this is a must have while saving for a speedlite :) Awesome photos - you really show off how great the LS is :)