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Thursday, April 12, 2012

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Place You Discover On Your Own

A Really Cool Place That You Discover All On Your Own

On our trip out west for Spring Break, I mentioned that the boys should be on the lookout for this 101 Place.  Brennan immediately said - it's Our Ravine!

Included here are photos that Brennan took with his new camera last week.

I've mentioned before but the boys have started exploring in the deep ravine behind our neighborhood this spring, after years of being reminded to be careful when they get that close.  It's a steep drop!

 Now they head off together in their wellies to explore and return mud-covered.

I'm just as proud of David and me, letting them go off into the unknown, as I am of their adventurous nature!

In February, Brennan took this photo (his first ever on his new camera) to submit for an Earth Day Competition.  I think he did a fantastic job - I loved the shadows.  This is from partly down the ravine looking up towards a neighbors house.

But back to last week....

This photo Brennan took from our screened in porch to show where the Ravine is.

And as they're headed down, down, down...

The reason I bought boots for the boys - there's a perfectly good pair of Crocs in the deep mud somewhere in that Ravine!

I love that the boys have found a new "playground" right in their own backyard!

A friend (I can't remember who!!!) suggested they sprinkle wildflower seeds in the ravine this spring and see if they grow.  They received seeds in their Easter baskets so I'm sure they'll be sprinkled soon!

From the Book:
#101 - A Really Cool Place That You Discover All On Your Own
Call this one an 'extra credit' place, if you like.  Find a place, a place unlike the others in this book, a place you stumble upon in your travels or one you find through careful research.  It could be a famous place or not, in the middle of a city or out in the wilderness, near home or very far away.  The important thing is that it's an interesting and special place to you. Take your time discovering your place (since this is extra credit, you can even wait till after you're 12 if you need to).  Write it down on your list or keep it a secret.  Then congratulate yourself for your discovery - you're now officially an explorer!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Good work, guys! :D I bet they don't have many more things to do listed in the book.


Paula said...

The ravine looks like the perfect play kingdom for two active boys.