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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chopped - Boatwright Style

Do you watch "Chopped" on Food Network?
We watched a couple of episodes over Spring Break when we were traveling and loved it.  The boys especially.

Four professional chefs compete for $10,000 every episode.
They make an appetizer, entree, and dessert - one chef getting "chopped" after each course, to reveal the winner.

The catch is they have to use 4 ingredients in their dishes, and it's always some combo of foods that is not easy to pull together.  And at least one of the ingredients, I wouldn't eat period!

These judges are talking to the chefs about their appetizers, and will reveal who has been chopped.

ANYWAY, when I was at a church meeting last week, the boys asked if they could do a "Chopped" dish for David.  He complied and picked 4 random ingredients and they made a dessert.  Unfortunately, Thomas was chopped.

Over the weekend, they wanted to play again, so I got to choose this time.  They made an appetizer.  I chose Daikon Radish, Grapefruit, Crackers, and Salt.  They could add any other ingredients as well.

We set the timer and they got started, assembling the ingredients:

Just like on the show, it's very fast paced, but they did great.  I was watching that no one got careless with a knife in their rush!

Brennan's dish. Very nice.
We really appreciated the presentation, and suggested a little less paprika next time. 
Otherwise, it actually tasted great.
 (Note to self - we're now out of bay leaves)

Thomas's dish.
We thought the addition of peanuts was inspired, and noted that presentation is not Thomas's forte.

One dish is covered by the bowl.
Whose is it?  Who will be Chopped?
(You can tell by their faces that this is really important to one person...)

Oh no!  Thomas was Chopped again!
Brennan is thrilled.

The winning appetizer.

Oh, and by the way - no $10,000 prize for the winner at our house :)

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