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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I've Been Reading - March 2012

Well, given all of the posts around our recent vacation, I realize I am behind on my Reading post. 
I have not been reading nearly as much this past month, but I have some gems to share.

The Miller House and Garden
I will be starting the process to become a Visitor's Center architectural tour guide next year.  Our town has thousands of visitors each year who come to see the architectural showplaces.  I started the tour guide process years ago, but then we moved to Memphis and I stopped mid-training.  I'm looking forward to starting up again with the next training group. 

In March I was invited to attend a behind-the-scenes tour at The Miller House with fully-trained tour guides.  I'm thrilled to have had the chance.  It's great to start the training early.  I also read the fantastic book on the home, written by the gentleman who led our tour.  Ready to start my second architectural book this month.
Really Liked It

The Princess Bride
The Litwits (my evening book club) read The Princess Bride for our March selection. 
I don't even know where to start with this review!
If you've read it, then you're smiling to yourself because you went through the same range of emotions about it that I went through last week.  It's a book within a book that really sucks you in, then makes you even more curious, then finally allows you to come to some conclusions. 

It's a good story in itself, but the author's 25th anniversary and 30th anniversary introductions, the follow-up at the end of this version of the book, and knowing the movie, will probably only enhance your curiosity and love for this book.
If you DO read it - call me afterwards so we can talk!
Loved It

A Simple Act of Gratitude
On our recent vacation I read a lot of The Princess Bride, but also started on this book by Los Angeles judge John Kralik.  A few bloggers shared this gem of a book on their blogs and I looked forward to reading this non-fiction story.

The author was at a very low point in his life both personally and professionally when he decided to start being more grateful.  The book chronicles his 15 month quest to write 365 thank you notes.  His life was transformed through the process.

It's a really sweet read, and has inspired many to start their own 365 thank you note quests.
I was happy to put this in the mail to a sweet friend this morning.
Really Liked It

Take a Bow
I learned about Elizabeth Eulberg's YA novels last year when a friend sent me her second book, Prom and Prejudice with a note "read this book. now".  I loved it and read her first The Lonely Hearts Club, started following her blog, and we've become online friends!  She even sent me a happy birthday note!  I also enjoyed hearing her stories from being a publicist at Scholastic and getting to know J.K. Rowling, then Stephenie Meyer (Twilight series), and then her transition to author herself.

I highly recommend Elizabeth's YA novels to my friends with daughters in the 13+ range.
Her third novel just came out and I preordered my copy from amazon weeks ago.
It was such a nice surprise to receive it in the mail last week!
Take a Bow is about four students at a creative arts high school in Manhattan.
Reviews have been terrific.  I love her honest writing with very relatable characters.
Really Liked It

And that's what I've been reading during the past month.

What have YOU been reading?

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