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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Wind Farm

A Wind Farm

As I was planning the trip I realized that Tehachapi was known for its Wind Farm and hopefully we'd have a chance to see it on our trip.  Little did I know there are a number of amazing Wind Farms in the states where we traveled.  We came across at least 4 and snapped some photos.

There is a large Wind Farm on our drive to Chicago so I thought we'd just wait until our next trip there to see a Wind Farm.  But we got to see several, and they popped up just out of the blue on our travels!

Unexpectedly as we were traveling through Napa we saw windmills off in the distance.  Can you see them?

They went on for miles and miles and miles.

Just enormous - 200 feet tall according to the website.

And later we saw the Tehachapi Wind Farm as well.
(Again, Tehachapi is much further south than Napa - but look at the snow!)

There were just tons of them!

There was also a really amazing one in Eastern Utah as we were traveling there later in the trip.  I didn't have a camera out at the time, but it was certainly impressive, lined up so close to the road!

From the Book:
#20 - A Wind Farm
So, you're riding along the highway, just looking out at a whole lot of nothing, when all of a sudden, what's that in that field over there?  An army of colossal three-armed alien droids assembled, ready to take over and destroy the earth?  No, it's a wind farm!  And it looks like nothing you've ever seen:  massive turbines on towers more than 200 feet tall, whirring slowly or quickly in the wind, dominating the landscape like giants.  They're strangely beautiful, like modern art sculptures, and they make a gentle swooshing sound while they transform wind into electricity without the use of air-polluting coal.  But wind farms don't just look really cool:  take a tour of one and find out how they may just save the planet.

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