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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thomas's Day

Thomas was asked to be the Lay Liturgist today at the Palm Sunday service.
We were on vacation when the request came in, and he wasn't so sure he wanted to do it, but he agreed and he did a fantastic job today!

He had quite a few speaking parts, and really impressed everyone.  For an 11 year old, he is surprisingly well-spoken, poised, and confident in front of a church full of people!  Maybe a future behind the pulpit??

He prepared with our minister before the service.
iPhone photo

We got a seat up front to give him the thumbs up throughout the service.

David's Blackberry takes better photos than my iPhone

He extinguished the last purple candle in the Lenten season as part of his duties today.

The second scripture reading was done during the Children's Sermon when the kids were shown a new banner about Jesus entering Jerusalem on the donkey with everyone waving the palm fronds.

We were so proud of Thomas this morning!

Thomas had not had a chance to meet our friends' new baby, Emma.  So after church we stopped by to spend a little time with her.

Again, I didn't have my camera so had to make do with iPhone photos.  Rosann took some photos to send my way though.

My boys absolutely love babies.  Thomas is a natural.  We're thinking pediatrician???

Now that the storms have passed, it's a gorgeous afternoon.  David and I are headed to a fundraiser later this evening.

Hope you're having a beautiful weekend!

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