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Monday, April 30, 2012

April Catch Up

It has been a fun month for all of us.
David's very busy with work - lots of projects going on.

Thomas is finishing up 6th grade next month.
He's got all sorts of final class trips, class projects, and events planned.
We're excited his grandmothers can come visit and attend his graduation!

Brennan has been really busy with 4th grade projects and class activities.
When not catching up on homework he is spending a lot of time riding his bike and enjoying the fresh air.  He is anxious for the weather to cooperate so we can start swimming.

David and I are getting the yard, landscaping, pool, and house ready for summer.
We've also been busy with maintenance projects like a new hot water heater, and multiple trips to the shop with our cars.  It seems like all the maintenance is due at once.
Right now we're looking at having our chimney fixed, skylights replaced because of hail damage, and our roof either replaced or repaired.

Busy time of year and I love it!

Much to our surprise we ended up on the cover our park and rec department's summer fun guide.
Every household in the county receives one of these, with the list of all the summer and fall programs.  We've received a lot of kidding and attention over this photo - we're really rocking those helmets aren't we?

The American Institute of Architects hosted a conference in our town and David and I attended one of the dinners.  It was fun to meet several architects and enjoy a fantastic dinner!

The 6th grade studies world history, and they had their annual celebration a couple of weeks ago -
a Medieval Fair.
I volunteered and was assigned to be a Jester and co-lead one of the groups.  I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day.  But it was a lot of fun!
Coincidentally, Thomas was also a jester.  It was a full, fun day.

The boys' school has an International Fair each spring.  The boys and I volunteered to help with set up and then I got roped into asked to be the photographer.  One of my photos was in the local paper.

We had 17 cultures represented at the Fair, with lots of games, activities, educational information, treats, and prizes at each of the booths.  It was a huge success and I was so happy for my friend who chaired the Fair this year.

One of Brennan's classmates in traditional Indian attire

Two students who participated in the traditional dances that evening

The Boatwright clan clearly went as "typical Americans" in our khaki shorts, t-shirts, and Crocs, while many of the other kids were dressed in great outfits.

It's been a great month, but I am psyching myself up for an even crazier month of May.
Looking forward to some great adventures!

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