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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Thomas and I had a great 4 day Easter weekend, but we sure missed David and Brennan who went to Mississippi to visit Grandma Carolyn for the long holiday.

It looks like they had a lot of fun without us though :)

Aunt Donna, Grandma Carolyn, Brennan, Taylor, and Ellie

Brennan up high and Ellie in the big fig tree (I love those figs!)

Aunt Donna, Grandma, David, Ellie, and Brennan

Thomas and I kept ourselves very busy with various sleepovers, parties, church events, errands, projects, and cleaning up and cooking in order to host Easter dinner yesterday.

Our friends the Towsleys and Borowskis joined us for a wonderful day of fun.

This makes the 8th year that we've all gotten together for a great meal and huge Easter egg hunt.
This year my guess is that we had 500+ filled eggs.

Ready to take off (it was strange to not have Brennan!)

While the Dads spend quite a while hiding all those eggs all over the yard, it takes even longer for the kids to find them all!

The older kids decided they had found them all, but our youngest hunter found a few more!

The piƱata egg is a lot of fun to find and then destroy.

A beautiful afternoon with friends!


Anna said...

looks like fun for all! My Thomas made up an easter egg hunt for us, I bought him some plastic eggs and he put lego mini figures inside and hid them in the back yard for us to find.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

When I take one kid, and Trip takes the other, we call it dividing and conquering! ;P

I am glad you had a good Easter even though Brennan and David were gone.