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Thursday, April 5, 2012

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - The Middle of Nowhere

The Middle of Nowhere

My last Spring Break post!
Thomas and Brennan knew we were on the lookout for this 101 Place, and we announced many, many times on our trip that we'd found it!  I took some photos of times when we felt we were truly traveling alone, in the absolute Middle of Nowhere!

California - The Mojave National Preserve
We drove through the Mojave desert on our way from Yosemite to the Grand Canyon.
It was beautiful and I loved seeing all the Joshua Trees!
But wow - quiet, desolate, dry, and dusty for the hour+ that we were driving through.
Good thing we had a full tank and full water bottles!

Loved this name for a little town right outside the National Preserve.

The Mojave National Preserve has the most Joshua Trees of any specific location in the world (including Joshua Tree National Park).

There were miles and miles of them in a forest along the road

And Brennan's Mojave photos - his are better than mine!


Absolutely beautiful.  We would drive for miles and miles and see no one at all.
The scenery was really gorgeous throughout our time in Arizona.

But look how different the landscape is within four hours of driving throughout the northern part of the state.

Can you see the Bighorn Sheep way out in the distance?  There were 3 of them.  I don't have a telephoto lens, dangit.


See the burro?

Again, for miles and miles in Utah we truly felt like we were in the middle of nowhere!

And I have to share these two funny photos from our trip.  Since this is my last Spring Break post - I wanted to include them here.

Brennan took this one - he thought it was hilarious!

This is at a restaurant in Utah.  Not sure I want to be charged by the scoop.

From the Book:
#96 - The Middle of Nowhere
It's not a place that can be mapped, but you'll know it when you see it.  You'll be riding along in a car, on a bus, or in a train.  Looking out the window, you'll see --- well, not much.  Someone who you're traveling with will say, "Where are we?  The middle of nowhere?"  The trick is, at this point, to stop and find out where you really are.  Because even the middle of nowhere is really somewhere, and it may be more interesting than you thought.  Try to find out the name of the place, what it's known for, whether anyone lives there, and if so, what they do.  Even if it turns out that the middle of nowhere is not that interesting after all, at least you can say you've been there.

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Paula said...

I would love to see this area of the country. Glad you had such a good trip!