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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Special Place to Sleep

A Special Place to Sleep

In order to get from Yosemite to the Grand Canyon in March, you get to go through Las Vegas.

I knew this would be quite a fun stop for Thomas and Brennan who've only heard about Vegas and seen it in photos.  So we decided to spend the night.  I chose Paris Las Vegas as our hotel, and it delivered on the WOW factor!

We were only in Vegas for a day, and the boys spent a lot of that time just looking around, pretty impressed.  We had a couple of really good meals in Vegas.  We highly recommend the Creperie and Croissant restaurants in Paris for a great breakfast.

New York, New York

The Stratosphere

Brennan took this photo of the giant M-n-M Store

And he liked the "classic look" of The Cosmopolitan

He also took this photo of the Bellagio which I thought was great!

Brennan's photo of Treasure Island

The Vegas Strip - the boys thought the outdoor escalators were pretty cool

I never thought I'd be taking my underage kids to Vegas on vacation, but here we are!

Caesar's Palace

The Mirage for dinner

Vegas at night

We really enjoyed our great spot for the water show at the Bellagio

A super fun stop on our trip!

While Thomas liked our hotel room (and the fancy pillows on the beds) the best - the highlight of the stop for Brennan was "either the huge casinos or when I got to have my picture taken with Mario and Luigi!!!"

Sleeping in a CASINO!!! was a certain highlight of this trip!

From the Book:
#80 - A Special Place to Sleep
Well, by now you've done quite a bit of exploring, and that probably means you've stayed in a few hotels.  It's exciting at first, but after awhile it can start to seem like you've seen the place before:  the boring room with the two double beds, the "continental breakfast" in the morning, consisting of a Danish pastry in a plastic bag and little mini-boxes of cereal.  It may be time to get some more excitement from your lodgings.  How about sleeping in a lighthouse?  A tree house?  A castle?  What about a hotel made of ice?  There are lots of lodgings where just staying there is an experience in itself.  You may just decide to stay up all night to enjoy it and not go to sleep at all.

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