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Friday, April 6, 2012

Wilbur Wright Birthplace - Photos by Brennan

Last Saturday we took a family trip to Millville, Indiana for Brennan's Famous Hoosier Project.
His famous Hoosier is Wilbur Wright.

It was a great experience because we had done the same for Thomas two years ago when we visited Lew Wallace's home in Crawfordsville.

Wilbur Wright was born in Millville and the family lived on the property for a few years before moving further south in Indiana and then to Dayton, Ohio where Orville was born.  They had older siblings and a younger sister.  Their father was a Bishop.

I did not realize that Wilbur died so young - just a few years after the historic flights at Kitty Hawk.  Orville lived 35 years longer and got to see the impact their solo flights made on the rest of the world.

The Famous Hoosier project is an important one in the boys' 4th grade class.  The project includes a site visit, a detailed research project where they learn to use 8+ ways of getting sources on a working field trip to the public library (microfilm, older materials in "the stacks", reference books, biographies, magazine searches...), a long research paper, and a 3-sided poster and presentation.  All of the photos at the site visit have to be taken by the student if they're going to be used in the presentation.

Good thing Brennan's a pro with a camera now.

I looked online and decided that Saturday, March 31st would be a good day for us to go.
I had NO IDEA that the Museum and buildings weren't open until April 1st!
The gentleman who works there let us in anyway and opened up everything for us.
We were so grateful!

In addition to the many monuments on the property and the Welcome Center, there are several buildings still standing including the family home, sheds, barn, etc.
In the museum there is a fantastic video, including details of their historic first flight on December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk.


I'm glad we got to tour Wilbur Wright's birthplace as a family.
Brennan was very professional, introducing himself to the docent and explaining the project.
I'm sure he'll do a great job on the remainder of the project!

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