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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dry Erase Menu Board

Last year I made a really simple dry erase board that I could use as a menu board in the house.  I got lots of comments and emails about it.  I loved how quick it was to make and how useful it could be.  The problem is - it was large and rather obtrusive.  And after the fall I was going to have to change out the fabric.  So I put it away and haven't used it in months.

But the need for it was still there.  As I've mentioned before our evenings are usually pretty busy with swimming for Brennan and tennis for Thomas and meetings and social things for David and me.  And David comes home at different times depending on what he has going on at work.  I really want to have a family dinner each night but it's really hard sometimes.  Planning ahead is critical.  But it's also important that if I'm not here, everyone knows what the dinner plans are. 

So I decided to make another menu frame.

I took a 4x6 frame that I had on hand and put a piece of cream card stock in it.
Now I can use whatever color dry erase marker that I have on hand and let everyone know what the plans are for dinner.
My boys ask when they're eating breakfast what we're having for dinner.  I don't always know at that point, but when I do know, I can update the frame and we can all plan around it.

I really like the smaller size. 
Does what it needs to do but isn't in the way.
Best part - it took me 2 minutes while watching a movie with David and Brennan to get it done!

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Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a simple idea, but genius at the same time. I have a couple of unused frames around the house I could probably use. :D

lisa steve said...

I was getting bore since morning but as soon as I got this link & reached at this blog, I turned into fresh and also joyful too. ReMARKable