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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ground Zero and the UN

I hope you had a great 4th of July!

On Sunday we all worked in the yard all day long and I woke up on the 4th with seriously scary looking puffy, swollen, weepy eyes.  I have some sort of allergic reaction to something out in the yard.  I got steroids this morning so I should be back on the mend very soon!  So we had a boring restful 4th this year!

While in New York we took time to visit Ground Zero and the United Nations.
The boys learn about the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers in school, but they obviously couldn't understand the magnitude until they were there in person.  I went up both towers in 1990.   Ground Zero was a sobering visit for us.  However, it was really nice to see the progress on the One World Trade Center Plaza.  I'd love to visit when it's complete one day. 

We walked through the Financial District and Tribeca on our way to the World Trade Centers site.
It was a gorgeous day in NYC (every day was for us!)

Thomas, of course, loved this sculpture.

In front of Ground Zero is St. Paul's Cathedral where many sought refuge the day the towers came down. 

The new tower going up in the One World Trade Center Plaza.

Because the plaza does not open to the public until 9/12/11, we toured the Preview Site.

I did not realize this Federal Building was right next door to the World Trade Centers but wasn't harmed.  It was nice to see.  Had to take a photo.

A sculpture in part of the plaza. 

We also walked passed the United Nations one afternoon.  We were too late to take a formal tour, but we got to see the site.

There are a number of buildings in the block.

This office building is going through a refurbishing. 

Finally, two famous sculptures out front of the UN Visitors Center.


Anonymous said...

Great photo's! Thanks for sharing I haven't been back to NYC since right after the attack, I'm happy to see all the re-build and new buildings going up! Makes my heart happy!

Paula said...

I've only been to NYC once and your posts are making me want to go back.