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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Midtown Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday in our Part 1 post, we spent an entire day touring Midtown Manhattan, and then made our way to the Upper East Side.

Next on our tour was Rockefeller Center where NBC has its home and the famous ice skating rink and Christmas tree are located in the winter months.
This time of year the rink is a restaurant.

I didn't make the family take the tour although it would have been fun.

We also didn't go into Thomas's "home away from home" - a ginormous Lego store next to Rockefeller Plaza.  He did ask for this photo though.

Across the street from Rockefeller Plaza is St. Patrick's Cathedral - the oldest Roman Catholic cathedral in the U.S.  It's really beautiful amidst all the skyscrapers.

After a long day of sightseeing in Midtown, we finally made our way to the Upper East Side to two places the boys had been looking forward to.  First up - FAO Schwarz - the famous toy store.

This store is apparently the inspiration for a book they both really liked (an subsequently a movie) - Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium.  And really, what's not to like?

I wasn't around with the camera when Brennan was dancing on the piano - I hate that I missed it.

You remember this piano from the movie Big don't you?!
(And look - there's Tom Hanks.  Just saw him in Larry Crowne last night - great movie!)

The boys spent a lot of time in FAO Schwarz - it reminded me of IKEA for kids.  Huge, meandering, loud, and I kept losing everyone.

Next up we headed to Serendipity 3, the famous ice cream parlor.  Thomas got to celebrate his birthday one more time.  We had a 45 minute wait though and it was hot and "boring", so we decided to jog over to the next (and final) place on our list - the Roosevelt Island Tram.  We could see it from Serendipity.  The NYC travel guide I was using recommended the Tram as a fun trip across the East River to Roosevelt Island.  It takes just 4 minutes each way and with our Metro passes, it was free.

Here you can see the Tram that follows the Queensboro Bridge over to Roosevelt Island.

I had not thought this through.  I am deathly somewhat afraid of heights and the trip over was nerve wracking.  I swore to David repeatedly that I wasn't taking the Tram back. 

My boys, on the other hand, were just fine. 
Thank goodness they didn't inherit any silly fears from me.

Once we arrived on Roosevelt Island we walked around the little park by the Visitors Center to see the Manhattan Skyline. 

And then back over to Manhattan.  The return trip was much, much better.  And then, on to delicious ice cream.

Serendipity received some mixed reviews when I was researching it, but I was hoping we could fit it in.  I'll agree with the reviews and say the ice cream was better than the staff. :)

I remembered the scene from One Fine Day in Serendipity. Aww, George Clooney.  Good movie.

The architecture is unique in the parlor. 
Lots of color and whimsy.

And this was a small sundae.

Look at mine and David's.  Brennan got the famous frozen hot chocolate.  It was unbelievably good.

Thomas received a whipped cream dessert to celebrate his 11th birthday (again).  A great way to finish off our day!

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GossipGrl said...

Looks like you had a great time in the city. I wish I had stumbled upon your blog earlier and I would have told you about City Maps. Hopefully you can take advantage of it on your next day in the the city. Cheers!