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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Visiting the Intrepid

After visiting a lot of Lower Manhattan we traveled up to tour the Intrepid which is docked on the Hudson River.  I remembered it from National Treasure.  We have toured many, many ships in our travels, but David reminded me we had never toured an aircraft carrier.  Gotcha.

The boys and me on the way to the Intrepid.  I am hot but it was overcast so that was good.

The carrier was commissioned in 1943 and served in WWII.  It was also one of the primary recovery vessels for NASA.  It served three tours in Vietnam, as a submarine surveillance ship during the Cold War, and now the carrier serves as an educational center and monument to those who have served our country.

We toured the Hanger Deck, the Flight Deck, and the Third Deck.

Don't you remember in National Treasure when Nicolas Cage jumped off the flight deck into the Hudson?  Here it is.

That's a different kind of camouflage! 

A kayaking event

As we were wrapping up our time on the Intrepid one of the guides told us about a pretty cool show that was about to start.  The video and special effects were great.  The Intrepid was hit a number of times in WWII and that was simulated with steam coming up out of the floor, etc.

A fun visit, and now we have toured an aircraft carrier!

1 comment:

Paula said...

Your boys had to have loved this! If I toured this, I would be bored to death and my hubby would be in hog heaven.